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Presenting a concert takes much more than the work of the singers and artistic talent – our success at each program depends on the work of our dedicated team of volunteers, and we’re looking for help! Plus, when you volunteer, you will receive a free admission to that day’s performance!

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Please complete the form below with your information, interests and availability. A member of the Madrigalia Volunteer Committee will contact you to discuss opportunities and confirm volunteer dates with you!  

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The Holiday Concert
Please plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to listed performance time.
Music of Large Spaces
Please plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to the listed performance time.
Please plan to arrive 45 minutes before listed performance time.


Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions


You will be the first face a guest sees when they enter the concert venue, and first impressions matter most for a positive guest experience. Depending on the venue, Greeters may be posted at individual doors or a main gathering space to direct guests to their destinations. A friendly smile, willingness to proactively engage with guests and hospitality are key for this position.

Ticket Sales:

Quickly and efficiently processing ticket transactions is the main goal for the Ticket Sales team. At the Ticket Sales table for each performance, you will be responsible for one of four roles: Credit Card Processing (with a PayPal reader), Cash Sales, Internet Order Pickup, or Support Floater. When you sign up for interest in Ticket Sales, a member of the Madrigalia Board will contact you to place you in a specific role.


Once guests make it through the door, Ushers take the baton on ensuring a memorable experience for the rest of the show. In this role, you will be responsible for handing out programs, assisting guests to their seats, and answering questions before the performance. Great Ushers know how to treat guests like family, and have the flexibility to think quickly on their feet. 


After some concerts, we hold a light reception afterwards, with snacks and drinks. Madrigalia singers and board members will supply treats, and you would be responsible for setting up the snack tables and pouring drinks for guests. Typically one person is stationed in the reception area at warm-up time, and other helpers join after the concert to help staff stations and keep the party going! 


Would you like to help out in some other way that's not listed? There are lots of opportunities to volunteer to help with Board projects or concert preparation that don't involve being present at a concert itself. Just let us know what kinds of things you like to work on in the comments, and we'll reach out with possible opportunities.