May 29-30: Trains, Planes and Submarines


May 29-30: Trains, Planes and Submarines

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A recent program of ours delved into factors driving human migrations: exile, war, seeking land, freedom, opportunity. In 2020, we explore the deep human desire to travel for the sake of exploration, enrichment, curiosity, for seeing what’s out there, for the thrill of just moving.

Many ingenious inventions take us places, and they have all spawned songs. We will sing of railroad culture, automobile culture, Mongolian horse culture; riding on a Quebec ‘donkey’, a sailing vessel, a surfboard, a rocket to the moon. Newer compositions will include Karin Robinson’s “High Flight”, setting the famous poem “I have slipped the bonds of earth”, Edie Hill’s “The Bike Let Loose on Empty Road”, and David Bowie’s “Major Tom”.

Tickets: $20 General Admission, $18 Senior, $5 Student

May 29 & 30 - 7:30PM

The Clover Center for Arts and Spirituality
1101 Clover St, Rochester

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