For Better, For Worse: Songs About Marriage

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Marriage means different things to different cultures, and each couple's experience with it may be unique. Furthermore, it continues to evolve. This recording explores marriage as depicted in songs about arranged marriages, child brides, dowries, love itself, village wedding celebrations, a love triangle, infidelity, gay marriage, and widowhood. A New Yorker cartoon portrays a bride saying "I hope it's not too much worse." But of course, that's a play on the real intent of these words from the English institution of marriage, which speak of a bond of help and comfort to face better or worse, sickness or health, prosperity or want. This is not a Valentines or 'wedding songs' program, this is Marriage: the Big Picture.”


Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart Rene Clausen
Polegnala E Todora Philip Koutev
Dumai, Zlato Philip Koutev
Widmung Robert Schumann
Liebst du Um Schonheit Clara Schumann
Vineta Johannes Brahms
Mother I Will Have A Husband Thomas Vautour
i carry your heart with me Brian S. Story
Ah, El Novio No Quero Dinero! Mack Wilberg
Village Wedding John Tavener
Wedding Qawwali A.R. Rahman
Me Caso Mi Madre Cary Ratcliff
Au Joli Bois Charles Tessier
Il Est Bel Et Bon Pierre Passereau
Think On Me Alicia Anne Spottiswoode
i carry your heart with me Cary Ratcliff
o by the by has anyone seen little you-i Cary Ratcliff
these children singing in stone Cary Ratcliff
may my heart always be open to little Cary Ratcliff
Marry A Woman Uglier Than You Leonard de Paur
Whenever I Marry I'll Marry A Maid Thomas Ravenscroft
What Hap Had I To Marry A Shrew Thomas Ravenscroft
Everything Possible Fred Small
This Marriage Eric Whitacre