With Heart and Voice: Anthems Across America

From the beginning of our history, the American people have made music a part of their religious expression. Changing musical fashions through the years have sometimes had less than universal appeal. But during the second half of the twentieth century American church music has risen from the "unsingable, unappealing and unreligious" compositions of the past to a genre of musical expression which has captured the imagination of this country's best-known composers.

For many years, the works of American composers of sacred music were neglected by professional performing groups and the recording industry. But today there are signs of an awakened interest in American composition. More of it is being performed, published and recorded than ever before. Each of the composers and arrangers represented here has contributed substantially to our unique musical tradition with styles that seem distinctively American. There are many more Americam composers who are equally deserving. We hope that this recording will be a first step in preserving the best of this rich heritage for future generations to admire and enjoy.

Roger Wilhelm, music director
Peter DuBois, organ



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