Celebrating 40 Years

It was August 2, 1975, and 14 singers sat down in a living room to sing madrigals. Forty years, countless concerts, and over 850 pieces of music later, Madrigalia is a cornerstone of Rochester choral music. If you've sung with the group, attended a concert, or listened to our recording, we hope these images will bring back fond memories of our 40 years of music-making. If you're becoming acquainted with us for the first time, we hope you'll want to hear what all the fuss has been about, either in person at one of our concerts or listening to the CDs. 



Twenty years ago Roger Wilhelm, Music Director Emeritus, wrote a series of jingles about WXXI on the occasion of our 20th birthday.  We recorded them and the station aired them frequently. In honor of our 40th, the station has shared them with us again. Take a listen, and a trip back to a wonderful moment in our history. Following below are some visual memories from the group over the years. Enjoy! 


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To commemorate our 40th, we've produced a picture book that captures the visual history of our group. The book will be available for sale at the upcoming concerts, or by contacting Lew Ward-Baker at patnlew@rochester.rr.com or (585)244-6968.