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Madrigalia-15_webAuditioning for Madrigalia

Madrigalia is a tightly knit group of individuals committed to continually improving the quality of its performances.  In addition to posessing a high level of musicianship, we ask our singers to make a clear commitment to the group. Singers are expected to attend weekly rehearsals, regular concerts, as well as take part in additional singing engagements, events, and responsibilities that support our fundraising and community efforts.

The Audition Process

Madrigalia has an open audition process, and singers of all voice parts are encouraged to audition at any time. If you would like to audition for Madrigalia, please contact us by email

If there is an opening for a “permanent” position in the ensemble, the Music Director will invite qualified candidates to audition at a rehearsal.  An invitation to join the ensemble is given based on the outcome of the two auditions.


Rehearsals are held from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. every Sunday evening from September through May. Occasionally, it is necessary to schedule additional rehearsals and every attempt is made to do that well in advance.

  • Rehearsals are fast-paced with a focus on serious music-making. Singers learn their notes at home so that rehearsal time may be spent shaping the music and fine- tuning our collective sound.
  • Group communications are conducted, to a large extent, through e-mail. Singers are expected to check their e-mail regularly.
  • The rehearsal and concert schedule is established at the beginning of each season in order to avoid rehearsal absences and other conflicts. Absences should not occur in the final weeks before a scheduled concert.
  • Madrigalia provides singers with music for each concert.

Other Requirements

  • Concert Attire: Women purchase (through Madrigalia or selected vendor) the prescribed concert attire (approx. $100). Men wear a black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund (purchased on their own). Men are also required to purchase (through Madrigalia or selected vendor) an additional long tie and vest (approx. $40).
  • Members share in the tasks necessary to run and fund the group. This may involve any of the following: participating in fundraising events, providing food/drink for concert receptions, moving risers and setting up concert spaces, selling tickets for concerts, serving on the board of directors and publicizing upcoming concerts. These are all volunteer activities, but we urge each singer to take full ownership of the commitment to our organization.